Om Al-Qura school is a community based organization that runs under Ottawa Muslim Association (OMA). The school provides an academic environment for elementary school level to learn Arabic and Islamic Studies. The school offers Islamic Studies (Quran) program under the OMA and the Arabic class under the Conseil des écoles catholiques, International Language Program (ILP).


Arabic 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm (Arabic hours free of religion content at a $10 cost for Ontario students, $150 for Quebec students)

Islamic Studies 3:30- 5:00 pm for $150 for Ontario or Quebec students

Students dropped off by their parents are advised to come to 35 Melrose Ave. main door at 12:50 pm. No supervision will be available before then and it is the responsibility of the parents to stay with their kids until school doors are open and teachers are available. Students arriving later than 1:15 pm are considered late and parents should see the office and sign for late arrival.

Parents who would like to pick up their kids before 4:55 should see the office and sign for early pick up Schedule (please note that schedule may be adjusted during the year)

  • 12:55 – Student drop off at main door
  • 1:00 – Arabic learning
  • 2:00 – Activities, Games
  • 2:15 – Recess for junior students
  • 2:30 – Snack time
  • 2:45 – Recess for other students
  • 3:00 – Arabic learning
  • 3:30 – Quran memorization and Islamic Studies
  • 4:55 – Pick up at main door

Summer Online classes offered include:

1. Arabic (ILP/Permanent Education)
2. Islamic Studies (Community Program)


Arabic Language Program:

1. Google Meet “contact time” between instructor and the class (live video classroom)
2. Oral communication; language-rich activities; Arabic phoenetics, writing
3. Thematic games (Kahoot!), story telling, projects, worksheets
4. Additional activities via Google Classroom, emailed or posted challenges
5. Small assignments that are not too demanding during summer
Note: Arabic sessions are run by the ILP Permanent Education. Arabic hours are free of religion content at a cost of $150 for Quebec students and FREE for Ontario students.


Islamic Studies:
1. Google Meet (live video classroom)
2. Quran recitation & tajweed, Nooraniya
3. Name of Allah & Athkar
4. Islamic lessons (pillars of Islam & Iman; teachings of the prophet; virtual Hajj session)
5. Prophet stories & games (Kahoot!)
Note: Due to Covid-19 Islamic Studies sessions are run online only by Om Al-Qura School under the Ottawa Muslim Association (OMA) for $100/student.

All program classes will run subject to sufficient enrollment. All registrants will be contacted once their application has been accepted. For more information please send an email to info@omalquraschool.ca

Sundays 5-8 PM at the Ottawa Mosque. Fall & Winter (12 sessions per season).

Sundays 5-8 PM at the Ottawa Mosque. Fall & Winter (12 sessions per season).